The Day My Earth Stood Still…

Flashback (March 2010): As we crossed the street from the little cafe that we had met at a few times before, all the sudden the world slowed down…

We had just enjoyed an early dinner and were walking back to our cars. I gazed at her as we were crossing the street, in complete euphoria. Suddenly I noticed that the world had almost come to a complete stand still, as if the earth was spinning in a purposeful slow turn on it’s axis. As my gaze continued to examine her beauty, the wind was blowing her hair into her face. Like a slow motion scene right out of a movie, her hand slowed reached up to push away the strands of hair that were seemingly trying to entangle her face so that I could not see the same silent gaze she was sharing. Our eyes were locked onto each other that seemed to permeate our earthly being, looking into our denuded souls. Her gaze penetrated my soul with such a deep love and affection that cannot ever be described by words, pen or a keyboard. This euphoria was unearthly…I felt so light, as if I were floating across the street. Her smile etched itself into my very being – giving me a natural high that I had never experienced. A flood of emotions overcame me at that moment…countless thoughts invading my mind simultaneously, “What is this?…Is this what love feels like?…”Did the earth just stop?…She’s so beautiful!…Does she feel the same?…”

Present: What I feel for this woman is real and has not changed in the past year. For reasons to long to explain, we are not together. We remain friends, but as much as she means to me, I know that the timing is not right. There are a host of reasons that things must be this way right now, but what till amazes me is that after all this time, there is this energy that you can feel when we are in the same room…the same space and every time I see her, a warm glow seems to radiate from her. Who knows…maybe its just me that feels it…but that’s the point…she has given me hope. She has set the bar high – a framework of what I truly want and need in my life. I don’t want to be in just another “relationship”, but a partnership and companionship that is more than a “social arrangement”. I want my next relationship to exist on a much deeper spiritual plane, beyond societal influence and expectations…

During my time with “Her”, I think I have scratched the surface of what that means; I think I know what that could be like. Before Her, I never really understood what I wanted. As we experience life, we grow, we change, we mature, we evolve…and I believe that can be achieved with a level of oneness and togetherness with someone if the relationship exist in that spiritual plane. Unfortunately my ex-wife and I never reached that spiritual plane that I experienced with Her. This by no means is in any way an attempt to diminish my relationship or love for/with my ex-wife, because there were great moments in our lives together, but the adage that opposites attract…it’s bullshit in my mind. My eyes have been opened and I will not settle for less than what I’ve experienced with Her. I sincerely hope everyone can

until next time…


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