Muay Thai

About 4 yrs ago, I decided that it was time to get my fat lazy ass off the couch and do something. I fell into the proverbial “rut” that most people fall into and broke the promise to myself that I would not fall victim the stresses of life. Fatherhood and marriage had taken a front seat to both my health and career. That was May of 2007….

Fast forward to March 2012, I am about to compete in the WKA Muay Thai novice tournament. Needless to say, I am both excited and nervous. Training camp was tough…a lot tougher than last year when I was preparing for the 2011 tournament before injury and personal stuff took me out of the competition. This year, my training was solid; a huge focus on conditioning with quite a bit of high intensity plyometric workouts. There were times when I mentally wondered if i could do it, was too tiredto train or just flat out wanted to quit. I pushed past the mental barriers – like a warrior, being honest with myself, but pushing myself through the pain and weariness.

I’ll be fighting in the heavyweight class – 200 lbs and up. Who knows what will be in front of me, but my personal game plan is to make them sorry they had to see me in the ring. All the hard work, dropping weight so I can be faster and stronger, not being able to spend time with my little girl, being exhausted after a 10 hour workday, just to get beat-up for 2hrs at the gym…someone has to pay…

With a 5 days before the fights, I’m feeling pretty calm and in shape. The biggest concern right now is just making sure to stay busy during the fight, because if it ends up in a decision, my trainer wants it to be a decisive win. That is where the conditioning will pay off…at least that is the hope.

The rest of the week will be “light” workouts – working on combinations and strategy for each of us that utilizes our strengths. I will also keep the conditioning up until the day we travel so that I don’t lose anything during this week.

I will have a full report of the days events and how my team mates did as well.

Until next time….


I Love Avocados!

Love me a delicious ripe avocado. Favorite way to prepare it – slice in half, remove the pit. I will then make slices in each half without breaking the skin. Once I am finished, I will pour olive oil over each half and let a pool of olive oil fill the area the pit was. Then I will grind some sea salt rocks over each half – boom! Grab a spoon and dig in – instant meal/snack!

A couple of key things is to make sure that that the avocado is ripe enough – soft but not too mushy. Also make sure you use sea salt…seems to bring out and enhance the flavor of the avocado.

I recently started adding ground peppercorn – definitely tasty as well. Going to experiments with some other combinations to see what might work. Just the other night I added a black bean salsa in lieu of the olive oil. It was good, but think I need to try some other variations of salsa to see what might work best; maybe some other combinations that may appeal to my taste buds.

My Kicks: ASICS Gel-Noosa Tri 6

I love sneakers! Mostly old school stuff; Converse All Stars, Adidas Superstars, Nike Air Jordan’s, and etc; it’s my vice. Some people collect stamps or coins. Me?!?…it’s sneakers.

With the nice weather today, I was inspired to post a pic of my kicks, one of my favorite pair – especially with spring around the corner.

Asics Gel-Noosa Tri 6 – love the colors and overall feel. Nice clean look with some jeans or khaki shorts and shirt to blend some of the spring/summer colors. It’s a triathlete shoe designed specifically for a light feel and to be worn sock less. Did I mention the ASICS logo glows in the dark? 😉

These will definitely make their rounds this spring and summer.


Heavy Rotation: “Fool For You”

Where do I start…I FUCKING LOVE THIS SONG! Cee-Lo Green…such a talented artist. For you true hip-hop heads, you will remember that he started with a hip-hop group out of Atlanta called The Goodie Mob. Not sure what or why the group broke up but Cee- Lo was probably the most out-spoken and most recognizable of the quartet. He had a solo album in 2002 which really displayed his range as a musician, artist and rapper. “Fool For You” is off his latest album “The Lady Killer”, which also debuted with the single “Fuck You” which was a chart topper in late summer of 2010 through the release of his latest album in April 2011.

That is what I have always enjoyed about Cee-Lo’s music – his ability to blend old school classic funk into a more modern sound. Something about his music gives me a nostalgic feeling…reminiscent of my childhood when groups like Earth, Wind & Fire, Marvin Gaye, Teddy Pendergrass and etc…

This version is the remix, which includes another talented artist/singer Melanie Fiona (not to mention who happens to also be sooo delicious). Admittedly, this song does makes me think of someone that I hold close to my heart – I am definitely a fool for her! 🙂



I think this might be the third…possibly the fourth time I have said, “I’m back and for good this time…”. Think it’s time to retire that mantra.

Don’t think I will be making that promise ever again. At this point, it all about “doing” vs. saying. So the the title of this post is what it all boils down to, at least for me. I think in today’s world, it is so easy to be so undisciplined because of the availability and accessibility we have in today’s society, especially within western culture. There is a litany of examples out there, so I don’t need to point out the obvious, but as I head towards the big 4-0, I am finding that my level of discipline has waned over the years. I have had some fairly significant life changes that I could use to excuse away my lack of discipline, but the reality is just as I said…it’s an excuse.

The theme for 2012 will be discipline. Having endured what I have in the last few months, it’s time to shake of the rest of the dust and fully settle into my new journey. Part of the will require some discipline if I want to accomplish some of the goals I have laid out in front of me; compete in Muay Thai, work on my spirituality, fix my finances, blog more conistently…

None of which are difficult to do, just need a little, you know…  😉

Please Press Start

I am starting a new job Monday and so excited! Considering all the crap I have had to endure over the last few months, I needed something positive to happen, to help me continue this path of new beginnings, evolution, positivity and rediscovery.

Rewind back to April 2011 – I lost my job due to some organizational changes. Luckily I was aware of these changes prior to my end date, so was actively looking for employment. I had a couple of very promising opportunities lined up prior to the lay-off…but unfortunately both the opportunities fell through due to budgetary constraints. So for the first time in my professional career, I became a statistic and victim of downsizing. I can honestly say that I did not take the decision personally nor was I emotional about the situation. Having been at the Company for almost five years, I was grateful for the opportunities that I had been given, the many people I had worked with over the years, and the relationships I had developed. But it was time to move on…just too bad I couldn’t do it on my terms. I did receive a decent severance and was treated very well so I can’t complain…much! 😉

Three weeks post layoff… sitting at home was like watching paint dry. I was getting some things done that I had been procrastinating about, but not working was killing me. I wasn’t really in a position to take much time off given my personal situation so it was imperative to find work…so I took the next thing that came my way.

It was clear this new job was not for me, not too mention the salary was significantly lower than what I was previously making. Did I mention the commute was 50+ miles (one way)…oh…and the company was being acquired…*throws hands up*…but it was a means to an end…there had to be a light at the end of this long tunnel…

So I decided to make best of my situation until something better came along and it did about 30 day after starting my current job. The new job is within the gaming industry, so it appealed to my nerdy geekiness. Most of my professional experience has been within the IT consulting and financial services industries, so I wanted to research the gaming industry so that I was prepared for my new role. Some of the information I found were things I was already familiar with…other info was surprising, like the growth of the industry. This link talks about the growth and expected rise of the gaming industry with links to published reports from PWC and other well-known financial analyst.

Seems like the gaming industry has had some significant success, which is good news given today’s economy. It is also a young industry…still building and growing. As I continue my research, I can’t help but to get excited about the career opportunity that has just been put in front of me…things are improving. Patience and resilience…enough can’t be said about those characteristics. There is a light…*pressing “start” button*