About Me

First, thank you for taking the time to visit and read through my “ramblings”.  If you’re returning and or a friend of the blog…sorry I have been gone so long.

I am a single father and have been described as dimensional, easy going and intellectually curious. I tend to look at life in a very comical way and believe that things happen for a reason. I started blogging about 4 yrs ago, but never took it seriously…a few random post, but no direction. In the last couple of years so much has happened – I have made discoveries and experienced quite a few changes in my life that have forced me to become introspective…almost philosophical.  One of things I have gotten out of these recent experiences is that I want to become better at finishing what I start; part of that will be becoming more active in my blog – changing the look and chronicling my experiences; past present and future.

The Chronicles is about those changes and my life; the journey of rediscovery and evolution.  It is also an opportunity to share my range of eclectic interests and things I am passionate about i.e. Muay Thai boxing, music, fashion, technology, reading and fatherhood.

Hopefully what you find here are things that are interesting, insightful, or just funny every time you visit.