Muay Thai

About 4 yrs ago, I decided that it was time to get my fat lazy ass off the couch and do something. I fell into the proverbial “rut” that most people fall into and broke the promise to myself that I would not fall victim the stresses of life. Fatherhood and marriage had taken a front seat to both my health and career. That was May of 2007….

Fast forward to March 2012, I am about to compete in the WKA Muay Thai novice tournament. Needless to say, I am both excited and nervous. Training camp was tough…a lot tougher than last year when I was preparing for the 2011 tournament before injury and personal stuff took me out of the competition. This year, my training was solid; a huge focus on conditioning with quite a bit of high intensity plyometric workouts. There were times when I mentally wondered if i could do it, was too tiredto train or just flat out wanted to quit. I pushed past the mental barriers – like a warrior, being honest with myself, but pushing myself through the pain and weariness.

I’ll be fighting in the heavyweight class – 200 lbs and up. Who knows what will be in front of me, but my personal game plan is to make them sorry they had to see me in the ring. All the hard work, dropping weight so I can be faster and stronger, not being able to spend time with my little girl, being exhausted after a 10 hour workday, just to get beat-up for 2hrs at the gym…someone has to pay…

With a 5 days before the fights, I’m feeling pretty calm and in shape. The biggest concern right now is just making sure to stay busy during the fight, because if it ends up in a decision, my trainer wants it to be a decisive win. That is where the conditioning will pay off…at least that is the hope.

The rest of the week will be “light” workouts – working on combinations and strategy for each of us that utilizes our strengths. I will also keep the conditioning up until the day we travel so that I don’t lose anything during this week.

I will have a full report of the days events and how my team mates did as well.

Until next time….


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