I Love Avocados!

Love me a delicious ripe avocado. Favorite way to prepare it – slice in half, remove the pit. I will then make slices in each half without breaking the skin. Once I am finished, I will pour olive oil over each half and let a pool of olive oil fill the area the pit was. Then I will grind some sea salt rocks over each half – boom! Grab a spoon and dig in – instant meal/snack!

A couple of key things is to make sure that that the avocado is ripe enough – soft but not too mushy. Also make sure you use sea salt…seems to bring out and enhance the flavor of the avocado.

I recently started adding ground peppercorn – definitely tasty as well. Going to experiments with some other combinations to see what might work. Just the other night I added a black bean salsa in lieu of the olive oil. It was good, but think I need to try some other variations of salsa to see what might work best; maybe some other combinations that may appeal to my taste buds.


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