Please Press Start

I am starting a new job Monday and so excited! Considering all the crap I have had to endure over the last few months, I needed something positive to happen, to help me continue this path of new beginnings, evolution, positivity and rediscovery.

Rewind back to April 2011 – I lost my job due to some organizational changes. Luckily I was aware of these changes prior to my end date, so was actively looking for employment. I had a couple of very promising opportunities lined up prior to the lay-off…but unfortunately both the opportunities fell through due to budgetary constraints. So for the first time in my professional career, I became a statistic and victim of downsizing. I can honestly say that I did not take the decision personally nor was I emotional about the situation. Having been at the Company for almost five years, I was grateful for the opportunities that I had been given, the many people I had worked with over the years, and the relationships I had developed. But it was time to move on…just too bad I couldn’t do it on my terms. I did receive a decent severance and was treated very well so I can’t complain…much! 😉

Three weeks post layoff… sitting at home was like watching paint dry. I was getting some things done that I had been procrastinating about, but not working was killing me. I wasn’t really in a position to take much time off given my personal situation so it was imperative to find work…so I took the next thing that came my way.

It was clear this new job was not for me, not too mention the salary was significantly lower than what I was previously making. Did I mention the commute was 50+ miles (one way)…oh…and the company was being acquired…*throws hands up*…but it was a means to an end…there had to be a light at the end of this long tunnel…

So I decided to make best of my situation until something better came along and it did about 30 day after starting my current job. The new job is within the gaming industry, so it appealed to my nerdy geekiness. Most of my professional experience has been within the IT consulting and financial services industries, so I wanted to research the gaming industry so that I was prepared for my new role. Some of the information I found were things I was already familiar with…other info was surprising, like the growth of the industry. This link talks about the growth and expected rise of the gaming industry with links to published reports from PWC and other well-known financial analyst.

Seems like the gaming industry has had some significant success, which is good news given today’s economy. It is also a young industry…still building and growing. As I continue my research, I can’t help but to get excited about the career opportunity that has just been put in front of me…things are improving. Patience and resilience…enough can’t be said about those characteristics. There is a light…*pressing “start” button*


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